Founded in 1992, INPRISA specialises in wastewater treatment.
INPRISA has concentrated on providing companies in the surface treatment industry with wastewater treatment plants, which currently accounts for 70 to 80% of our activities.

Continued growth, based on our efforts to develop and augment our expertise has allowed INPRISA to achieve high standards of professional integrity and attain the prominent standing we currently enjoy due to our ability to serve our clients.
INPRISA is a global service company, offering our clients the solutions they need from engineering services to turnkey installations, being able to provide equipment developed by ourselves and produced in our own facilities, for every plant



INPRISA is highly focused on industry which together with our own engineering and equipment production allow us to provide total water management systems including very specific elements such as ion exchange equipment, ultrafiltration elements, reverse osmosis equipment, physio-chemical purification processes, filter presses, chrome recovery systems - of which there are very few in the market,evaporators, acid reclamation and filtration systems, among others. A team consisting of 14 highly skilled specialists takes responsibility for the maintenance of the wastewater treatment plants and provides ongoing technical support. This comprehensive approach has allowed us to take on very large projects : among the most recent are the wastewater treatment plant built for Maier, part of the Mondragón Group of companies and one of the largest electroplating and metal finishing plants in Europe, and the plant installed for Cifial in Portugal.



The advanced technology developed by INPRISA as well as the excellent after-sale service that characterises our commitment to our clients will soon be certified under ISO 9001, which is currently being implanted. We are positive this will give a new impulse to our worldwide projects development, which is our goal for the middle and long term, aimed mainly at the European and South American markets, as well as to the growth of our team of highly qualified staff , totally committed to meeting the future challenges of an industry as dynamic as water treatment is.



As a result of our experience in various industrial sectors, INPRISA has developed a quality program for the manufacture and maintenance of all the elements that form a part of our equipment and plants. This allows us to offer superior product performance at a very competitive price, undoubtedly one of the best offerings on the market.


INPRISA is a company specialising in waste water treatment and possessing its own manufacturing facilities which allows us to ensure the highest quality and service.



Tirso de molina, 29
Poligono industrial Almeda
C.P: 08940
Tel. 93 474 14 24

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